“Treat people right and do the best of your ability”

The above quote is a summation of what I aspire to be. But if I were to go into detail about myself, it would go a little something like this.

The Man

I am Jonathan Torian and I absolutely love solving technical problems. I have an affinity around solving problems related to networking and information security. There’s no bigger joy to me than working shoulder to shoulder with a colleague/customer to create a solution for an obstacle that was impossible to overcome. The harder the problem, the higher the feeling when it actually gets solved.

My Start

My passion for technology started in my childhood when my aunt bought me my first IBM OS/2 computer. Initially, I did not play with it much, but one day, my mom took me to a kiosk in the mall and bought me Duke Nukem and Commander Keen (how about that for some nostalgia). The only way these programs could be launched were from the MS-DOS prompt. So my mom showed me how to do this a couple of times and the rest was history from there.

Over the years, I have dedicated a lot of my professional and non-professional life to learning about computers and more specifically, networking. The latter half of my development has been focused on securing those communications (i.e. information security).

The Myth

I would not consider myself the best writing but when I am passionate about something, I like to communicate about it. Writing a blog seems like the perfect medium for communication.

As I get older, I am learning that my brain does not soak up and hold on to information like it used to. While I do have knowledge about many things when it comes to computing, I am by no means an expert in all fields. My specialties and focus are specifically with the following solutions:

  • Fortinet
  • Proxmox
  • Splunk

The majority of the content I create will be focused on these technologies, however as my interest expands and/or my professional life changes, I may choose to incorporate a broader solution set as part of the articles I release.

The Legend

This brings us home to the purpose of this site. I love the knowledge that I have but ultimately, it means nothing to me if I cannot help someone with it. I hope that this ultimately becomes a place where people can learn and share information with others. I am hoping that even after I am retired and out of the industry, this site will continue to have people who generate content that creates a snowball effect of generational knowledge among engineers.

So now that you know about me, tell me more about you. Drop me an email at jtorian@historiantech.com and let’s connect.

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